‘The Forest Way’ Creating A Philosophy With The Garibaldi Reds #FM16


The Forest Way 

So the first month of the season has passed by but it has given me the foundations to build this club up and be competitive again both home and abroad.
With the transfer embargo enforced upon us it as made me evaluate the whole club from top to bottom and given me time to focus on a philosophy that I hope will see me bring the glory days back to Nottingham.
The Philosophy ‘The Forest Way’ so what is the Forest way…..

1. The Club Should Look To Entertain On The Pitch…..Create a tactical identity….play our way
2. Develop Our Own Player’s Through ‘The System’……Create a training plan to mirror player requirements of the 1st team
3. Sign Youngsters To Develop Within ‘The System’ Via A Worldwide Scouting Network.
4. Sign Home Grown Player’s As First Option In The Transfer Market For The First Team.
5. Don’t be afraid To Sign A Non Home Grown Player If The Right Player Is Not Available In The Home Grown Market……Do not restrict ourselves in the transfer market.

So with this in mind I have to put them in place over a period of time…..tactical identity how do I want us to play?
We will play attacking football which focuses on high energy, pressing, quick movement, possession and teamwork, I want all levels at the club to play this way from season 2. I hear you say why not from season 1, well season 1 will be about laying the foundations we are under a transfer embargo so we will look to play to our strengths both on and off the field gradually introducing the Forest Way as the season unfolds. The board want a mid table finish but I want us to be challenging for promotion via the playoffs at the very least because we have a lot of players on loan so at the end of the season I want to be in a position to bring the right players in to the club in line with  philosophy if we fail to win promotion I will continue to implement the philosophy but the ideal would be to be at the next level sooner rather than later.

I would like a first team squad to consist of 18 to 22 players with all other players making up our youth teams by the start of season 2 if possible…..I don’t see the point in having players in the squad who will not play so I want all 3 squads streamlined to cover each other.

Off the field I will gradually make changes to the back room staff that will be able to take us to the next level for seasons to come this includes my assistant manager,Chief Scout and Head of Youth Development. I may also bring in a Director of Football if the right man comes along.

I want to develop one tactic that we will centre our future around, people who know me know I am a Bielsa type coach with most of my tactics based on his philosophy particularly from his time at Athletic Club. My Co Bielsa buddy @Rovazzz over in New York  is having much success with his Bielsa inspired Barcelona and Chile saves and it’s something that I will continue to strive for,however I am looking at a system based on Bielsa’s Bilbao experience combined with Klopps Dortmund and more recently Thomas Tuchel’s Dortmund. The Philosophy will be…..

* To have passion and fighting spirit: get stuck in to every game.
* To focus on group rather than individual tactics: the team needs to defend with discipline and as a unit,with a high press in order to put early pressure on the opposition.
* To Dominate Play and possession.
* To Ensure balance between defence and attack.
* Play with vertical penetration
* To quickly win the ball through pressing and gegenpressing : pressing directly after losing the ball in order to regain it.
* Replace injured or suspended players directly, rather than changing the system or playing players out of position.
* Player’s to think fast and act fast – slower players tend to play backwards because they are afraid of one on one situations.
* To have incredible stamina, both physical and mental – full concentration for 90 minutes.
* To be Technically proficient – to be able to receive and pass the ball.
* To have tactical discipline while maintaining attacking intent.
* Full backs and Wing backs to have equally significant attacking and defensive roles.

On the training side I want specific coaches including myself and assistant to cover the coaching areas, I want depth in the coaching department to ensure the work load throughout the squads in managed well.
2 x Fitness (one for each type of fitness)
2 x Keeper (one for each type of keeper)
2 x Ball Control
2x Tactical
2 x Defending
2 x Attacking
2 x Shooting

I am working on identifying the coaches I would like to bring in over the next few months as the club makes progression.

I am also working out the criteria and levels of progression to measure our youth teams on at certain points in their time at the club like at each age for example let’s say Player A at 17 years old Finishing attribute to reach12 and at 18 Finishing attribute to reach 14 (these are not the numbers I will be using but to give you an idea on how I will monitor our playing staff in a number of Attributes).
I want to develop players with the following attributes has an addition to their required position.
The scouting network will identify set values for incoming players….I want us to bring the right player in every time to match our D.N.A

I am looking forward to creating the system, it will keep me focused on the save for a long time.

Next Up September 2015 Review


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