The Boys From Bergamo #FM17

657px-AtalantaBC.svgWelcome to the city of Bergamo, Bergamo is an Italian city situated North East of Milan in the Lombardy region, it’s also the home of Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio who play their football in Serie A, the top tier of Italian Football. The club have never won Serie A during their 110 year history. In fact the club have won very little silverware winning one Coppa Italia 62-63 along with six Serie B titles and one Serie C title. The club play their home games at the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia who they share with Unione Calcio AlbinoLeffe. The stadium has a capacity of 26,562 and will be the back drop of my FM17 17.3 final patch save. I have chosen Atalanta for a number of reasons including my love of Italian Football. Atalanta under the guidance of Gian Piero Gasperini have been nothing short of fantastic in real life this season, they are currently sitting in 6th position in the league punching above their weight. The club from Bergamo boast one of the best youth academies in football which the club have built their existence on by investing heavily in youth development.

So what am I hoping to get out of the save,  The Boys From Bergamo? 

  • Continue with the club’s tradition of youth development
  • Use the Ajax youth philosophy model
  • Director of Football / Head Of Youth Development responsible for recruiting players
  • Chief Scout sets scouting assignments along with me
  • I myself will be responsible for recruiting staff
  • I will be responsible for negotiating both staff and player contracts
  • Play an entertaining brand of football inspired by Sacchi and Gasperini
  • Establish the club as a top four side in Italy
  • Deliver the Serie A title for the first time in the club’s history
  • Keep a firm hold of the finances

atalanta job

Club Background



Excellent training facilities however I want to upgrade our junior coaching level.



First Team Squad

A talented first team squad however we have 9 players in on loan, we do have an option to buy on most so I will be monitoring their progress as the season unfolds. We have some fantastic potential within our youth ranks which is an area I will be investing my time developing them, however we have at least 50 players out on loan for the season. I will be looking at down sizing our squads over time as to give better quality game time to the players I believe can take this club to the next level. I don’t see the point in having 15 Goalkeepers over the 3 squads. Season 1 will be all about analysis and laying the foundations for the season’s to come.


The Staff

Like I have said above I will be entrusting my staff with certain responsibilities at the club. These are three of the men who will be working with me at the start of this journey.

sartori dof

costanzi hoyd

zamagna chief scout

Season Expectations

The board have set reasonable expectations of the club for the season ahead.


20160503_174731I am back in Italy the country that gave me my football education. I am hoping The Boys From Bergamo will keep me busy until the FM18 release. During FM17 I have had short term saves at Eibar, Nottingham Forest and Fredrikstad but with the last patch being released I am looking at getting in to a longer save. I would have actually continued with the Fredrikstad save if it wasn’t for the fact that my youth team was entered in to the youth league but never had any fixtures which really annoyed my OCD streak. With that all behind me I have settled on Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio better known has Atalanta B.C for my FM fix. With some excellent potential in the youth ranks the save promises to be a good one.  It should prove a challenge to keep hold of our star players with the big boys sure to come knocking. So with the introduction over its time to get down to some solid game time.



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