The Boys From Bergamo / To Dream A New Dream : A New Era Begins #FM17


To Dream A New Dream : Dynamo Moscow 

It’s been a busy week in Bergamo, I have decided to leave the club to take on a different challenge in Russia with Dynamo Moscow, Russia’s oldest club formed in 1923. The club have fallen on hard times after mismanagement financially and a string of bad results that have caused the club to be relegated for the first time in the club’s history. The club are well known for their tour to England in 1945 at the end of the war. The club from Moscow beat Cardiff City 10-1 and Arsenal 4-3 and drew with both Chelsea 3-3 and Glasgow Rangers 2-2 whilst playing a style of football that people who witnessed it say they are the best club side to have played in the UK. A book called Passovotchchka written about the tour is a fantastic read which I recommend. images Dynamo have won the Russian title on 11 occasions the last one being in 1976 some 41 years ago so they have not won a modern day Russian Premier League title. They have won the Russian Cup 7 times with the most recent in 1995. The club were the first Russian club to reach a European Final when they were runners-up to Glasgow Rangers in the 1972 European Cup Winners Cup Final. The legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin spent the whole of his career at Dynamo, Yashin is considered by many to be the the greatest goalkeeper of all time. Back to the save and the challenge of restoring this great club back to the top of Russian football. With the club in the 2nd tier it’s imperative that we get back in to the Premier League quickly, the club have a debt of £69m which the balance is payable to the current chairman when he leaves the club. The club have around £5m in the bank and a transfer budget of around 900k. The Dynamo fans deserve better from this great club and aim to:

  • Stabalise The Club Financially
  • Build A Strong Youth Development Policy
  • Build A Scouting Network
  • Introduce A Tactical Philosophy  (Club DNA)
  • Gain Promotion To The Premier League
  • Stabalise The Club In The Premier League
  • Win A Domestic Trophy
  • Win The Premier League
  • Win A European Trophy

I will be releasing a post over the next few days looking at the squads at Dynamo and our Pre-Season findings.

The Boys From Bergamo 

Total Football 1-1So my time at Atalanta as come to and however the save is going to continue and be blogged about because my son has taken the save file and installed Paulo Maldini has the new manager of Atalanta.

Hi I have played FM on and off for a few years now but recently went out and purchased FM 17 loaded it up and enjoyed playing around getting to know my way around the game. I have decided to carry on with this Atalanta save and see were it takes me, has you can see Paulo Maldini will start his managerial career not far from were he became one of the finest players and model professionals in the history of the game at Milan. My dad has left Atalanta in good shape and I am hoping Mr Maldini continues his good work. I will be blogging about Maldini’s time at the club and how he introduces his own philosophy to the club. Maldini has played under some top managers during his career and I am pretty sure he will have picked up a few tips on the way. Mr Maldini has been watching a few club’s and managers implement their tactics / philosophy over the last season and I know he is a big admirer of Leonardo Jardim and his Monaco side and Julian Nagelsmanns Hoffenheim, so don’t be surprised if Atalanta adopt one of these tactical styles. I will getting on with the save and with my father’s consent will be posting my progress here on his blog. I am glad to be contributing something to the FM Community and can be followed on twitter @fmmaldini . Lastly I would like to thank @FMKits4You  for creating this set of fantastic Atalanta kits for me to use in game and in my posts.

IMG_20170422_230441  IMG_20170422_230449



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