To Dream A New Dream: Passovotchka #FM17

IMG_20170424_224448Welcome to Passovotchka.  Passovotchka is the name given to Dinamo Moscow’s system of play introduced to them by manager Boris Andreyevich Arkadyev during his spell at the club from 1940-1944 and continued by interim manager Lev Nikolayevich Korchebokov and then by Mikhail Iosifovich Yakushin who managed Dinamo from 1944 until 1950 and then again from 1953 until 1960.  The Passovotchka system was based around an high tempo, fluid short passing game that encouraged players to roam from their positions causing organised disorder for their opponents. Sound familiar fast forward 30 years to the Netherlands and Rinus Michels Ajax side and a system that become very famous that is known to us all has Total Football. Fast forward another 46 years and here I am the new manager of Dinamo Moscow who have been relegated to the 2nd tier of Russian football for the first time in the clubs history. After a good look around the club its pretty evident the club as some very talented footballers who can take this great club back to the top tier. Before we look at the players here are a couple of screenshots looking at the clubs background and the general information:


club general

Has you can see the club is valued at £11.75m with a loan debt of £66m which will be payable to the current owner when he leaves the club. With this in mind I have to be very prudent with the finances going forward has we are in a recovery period after the club has been badly run in recent years. You can also see we have excellent training facilities, good youth facilities along with above average youth recruitment and average junior coaching. I will look to improved the youth facilities and both the youth recruitment and junior coaching as soon as possible.

Now lets take a look at the players that I have to work with on day 1 of the job:

First team squad

first team squad 16-17

Under 21 Squad

u21 squad 16-17

Under 19 Squad

u19 squad 16-17

Dinamo 2 Squad

dynamo 2

Squad Rules 

squad rules

Season Expectations

The board are expecting us to win the league and bounce straight back in to the top tier.



I will start with the outgoing players the first was full back Luke Wilkshire who I felt was not needed and at the age of 34 was not part of my long term plan which he accepted a mutual termination of his contract, he also frees up £9000 per week in wages of which he also came knocking for a wage rise, well sorry but you were part of this team that got relegated and you want more money, not happening. Another player asking for an improved contract was 27 year old midfielder Stanislav Dragun who was already on £12.5k per week and being chased by Rubin Kazan. When an offer came in for him I negotiated a deal of £1.8m. So we have saved £21,500 per week which is around £1.1m a year.

I brought 2 players in to the club on free transfers, the first was 25 year old Ukrainian winger Vitaliy Fedotov. Fedotov will had depth and options to our squad and at £875 per week is well worth bringing him in. The second player coming in is 22 year old Dutch midfielder Sinan Keskin. Keskin again was available on a free transfer after being released by Ajax, Keskin has spent 6 years in the Ajax system but failed to break in to the first team. I believe Keskin can shine at Dinamo if given the opportunity and again he comes in on £875 per week.

fedotov transfer

keskin transfer

First Team Squad 

I think if you look at our squad you will soon see that we have a very talented squad who are head and shoulders above anything else the 2nd tier as to offer in overall squad depth, experience and quality. Its a squad who are above the normal age that I tend to work with, we have an average age of 27 which over time I would like to reduce but I cant argue with the quality that I have at my disposal starting with the Goalkeepers who I have 2 well established keepers in Anton Shunin and Sergey Narubin. Shunin will be my first choice but the 34 year old Narubin is a solid back up.

We turn our attention to the Defence and the full backs, on the right side we have Alexey Kozlov (29) and Grigory Morozov (22) who give me strong options on the right side of defence. Early season as seen the younger Morozov keep his elder statesman on the after a solid start. Morozov also gives me cover in the left back slot for 26 year old Sergey Terekov who is the outstanding option in that position. This is an area which I am looking to strengthen to allow cover for Terekov. The centre of defence is strong with 4 established centre backs contesting the 2 places on matchday, we have 33 year old Dimitry Belorukov, 28 year old Vladimir Rykov, 27 year old Vitaly Djakov and last but not least 24 year old Sebastian Holmen.

The Midfield / Wingers starting with our central midfield we have some good quality options with 25 year old Alexandr Zotov  and 27 year old Alexandr Sapeta being our first choice centre pairing pushing them for a place in the starting 11 we have new signing 22 year old Sinan Keskin, 26 year old Anton Sosnin and 20 year old Maxim Kuzmin who I have promoted from our Dinamo 2 squad. All 5 options are adept at playing different roles within our system offering me good flexibility in the middle of the pitch. In the right midfield attacking midfield strata I have 3 good options in Ivan Temnikov (27), Vitaliy Fedotov (25) and another player promoted from Dinamo 2 Anatoly Katrich (22). On the left wing we have Alexandr Tashaev (22) and Ivan Markelov (28). Tashaev is my first choice with Markelov providing back up. In the Attacking Midfield / Forward position we have 26 year old  Kiril Panchenko who is on loan from CSKA until the end of the season with an option to buy for £1.5m. Panchenko is a class performer and my type of player he plays in the Trequartista role but can also play has a Shadow Striker or Attacking Midfield my back up for Panchenko is Sinan Keskin who I have spoke about in our central midfield. We move on to our Forwards and this is an area were I will be looking to improve over time. We have my first choice Evgeny Lutsenko (29) who is in his first season with the club but joined before me coming to the club. backing up Lutsenko we have Pavel Pogrebnyak (32) and Fatos Beciraj (28).


sergey narubinanton shuninDefenders   grigory morozov

alexey kozlov

sergey terekhov

dmitry belorukov

vladimir rykov

sebastian holmen

vitaly djakovMidfielders and Wingers      alexandr zotov

maxim kuzmin

alexandr sapeta

anton sosnin

ivan temnikov

anatoly katrich

vitaliy fedotov

alexandr tashaev

ivan markelov

sinan keskin

kirill panchenkoForwardsevgeny lutsenko

pavel pogrebnyak

fatos beciraj

Passavotchka 2016

When I came in to the club I had an idea that I would introduce a system that used a back 3 with wing backs and then I looked at the players at my disposal closely and decided that we had good strength in other areas, yes I could introduce the system of my choice but that would mean a bigger rebuilding job in very little time. I had also been reading a lot about the Passavotchka system used by Dinamo in days gone by and soon realised it fits in to my philosophy and how I like my teams to play. I was also aware that we need to hit the ground running if we are to return to the Premier League. The Pasavotchka of the past was a fluid high tempo system based on short passing with players interchanging causing what you call organised disorder. I decided that I would use a 4-2-3-1 formation as our foundation to build a system around and came up with these instructions some of which are taken from the Passavotchka system. I wanted to set up a basic system that embraced some of the Passovotchka qualities whilst getting the job done and securing promotion to the top tier. The club with promotion will then be able to evolve the system over time which then we may use a different shape ect whilst still embracing Passovotchka.

Mentality Standard using a Fluid Team Shape with an Higher Tempo and Balanced width. We are not blessed with great pace at the back so we would look to hold a Normal defensive line. One think I have noticed already is that we are coming up against teams playing long with a target man and pacey forwards so I am looking at my central defence to stay firm and counter the target man and runners by making them play in front of us and not behind. I have also chosen that we will close down much more like the Dinamo side of the 40’s were very clever at controlling space. We will also look to stop short distribution from the goalkeeper. Our build up play will use Shorter Passing whilst playing out from the back and exploiting the centre of the pitch. I want possession but also want my players to look to create openings by using the Pass in to space option. We will also look to use the overlap and work the ball in to the box options. I am a believer in player roles and instructions and have set certain instructions to accompany the team instructions and will update at a later date. I have not set any opposition instructions.

dinamo 1



First Division Results

1st div logoJuly 2016

We have started the season off well winning all of our 5 games during the month including 4 out of 5 clean sheets which I am pleased about, the system is working very well and the players are adapting well. We are creating chances whilst limiting our opponents at the other end. We are controlling ball averaging around 60% per game. The outstanding player of the month is Kiril Panchenko who has been outstanding in the Trequartista role scoring 5 goals in 5 starts. Pushing Panchenko I would have to say a special mention to 23 year old Alexandr Tashaev  who is putting in some very good performances whilst netting 3 times.  We got the season off to a winning start by beating Luch 3-0, Kuban 2-0, SKA Khabarovsk 2-0, Yenisey 5-2 and Shinnik 3-0.

july 16

August 2016 

We continued our good start with a 100% record this month winning 5 league games whilst also defeating Yenisey 4-1 in the Russian Cup 4th round. The month got started with a 1-0 win at home to Sibir thanks to a Penchenko strike. We then faced the league leaders Fakel on their own patch and just edged them 3-2 with a brace from Tashaev and a Lutsenko strike. The scoreline flattered our opponents who we totally out played them and gave away 2 sloppy goals. We then hammered struggling Spartak Nalchik at home 4-1 with goals from Panchenko,Lutsenko,Rykov and a debut goal for Keskin who replaced Panchenko in the 2nd period. I started Sinan Keskin in our next game and he repaid my faith in him by netting again in a 2-0 win at Sokol. We ended the month after the cup game above with a 2-0 win at home to Mordovia in a game that saw Kelsin get his 3rd goal of the season along with Lutsenko scoring his 7th of the campaign. Player of the month goes to Grigory Morozov who has been outstanding at Right Back.

august 16

League Table


Squad Statistics

stats 10 games


Our kits this season have been made by @FMKits4You  who I think has done a fantastic job.

dynamo_1 dynamo_2dynamo_3

Well that ends my first post of the season which as started very well. I am working on keeping the clubs head above water financially and will continue to help the club Dream a New Dream….thanks for reading.



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