The Diamond Inspired By Cruyff #FM17

M aim is

Painnt_170620235850Welcome to my first post in what will be a new style of how I am going to both play and blog about FM in the future. I have found FM17 a challenge to keep interested in any of the saves that I have started so I have tried to look at why this has happened and without boring you with the details I have put a few things in place to address this and the first thing that I am doing is taking more control over all the squads at the club which will slow the game down for me. Ajax the club do not need any introduction they are one of the most popular teams to takeover on any FM release for obvious reasons with their history of youth development and the Total Football philosophy. During the save I will be attempting to get as close to a total football tactic as possible with the influence of Cruyff’s diamond. It’s always interesting to see how people interpret the Cruyff diamond in to their tactics. I have seen many variations and always find it fascinating. My aim in this save is to win the Champions League before moving on to my next club whoever it may be and build a strong football manager cv. 

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