The Boys From The Black Country #FM17

cropped-20170812_225042.jpgWelcome to Molineux the home of Wolverhampton Wanderers, I am on a 17 day holiday from work so I have loaded the laptop up with FM and headed South for a coastal relaxation with a trip to Amsterdam in between to watch Ajax against Groningen. Now I never really thought that I would write anything about this save but whilst I have got in to it I am enjoying it and thought that I would write a few lines about it whilst keeping it nice and brief so here it is. The database I am using is from sortitoutsi with all the latest transfers included.

So as per usual I am welcomed to the club by the owner who lays out the boards expectations for the season ahead and the transfer budget. So I am expected to finish in the top half of the Championship with a budget of £4m. With the highly talented Ruben Neves and Diego Jota (on loan) amongst our ranks I would be rather surprised if we were not in the mix for promotion come the end of the season. I decided to bring 3 players in on loan the first was forward Gorka Santamaria from Athletic Club followed by midfielder Marciel from Corinthians and last but not least forward Felipe Vizeu from Flamengo. With these additions I felt we had more than enough to mount a serious challenge for the title. Now by this stage on any save I have a clear idea on how we are going to play but with Wolves I wanted to test a few different formations out with the idea of just enjoying myself and by the end of the season I had used 6 different formations and not one of them was completely fluid but all had the same principle of playing an attacking style of football. I have been tweeting my progress on twitter and will continue to do so.


The Championship is renowned for being competitive and this season was no different with a host of clubs separated by only a few points going in to the last 6 weeks of the season has we all were looking for automatic promotion at best and the playoffs at the very least. We had the form and players though losing just 1 game of our last 18 that included 14 wins that led us to the title and the riches of Premier League football next season. The impressive Diego Jota was our top scorer with 19 goals followed by 19 year old Felipe Vizeu who netted an impressive 16 goals whist being our top assists man with 13. Very good numbers because most of these came in the 2nd half of the season were we struggled with injuries.

fixtures 1

fixtures 2

final table

leeds promotion


player stats

I have got season 2 underway and plan to do a post about it has we go about trying to stay in the top flight whilst using a new tactical set up geared to get the best out of my new look Wolves side.

With the announcement of the release date for FM18 this week I have been pondering for a while what I am going to do with this blog in the future. For whatever reason whilst I love FM and have done since day one of the CM days the last couple of years I have been struggling to get things going long term, I develop a plan at a club implement it and once it starts to reap rewards I have lost interest and crave a rebuild again. I am thinking one way to improve this is to start low down in the pyramid and build a club over time. I am also thinking that instead of blogging about a save maybe I may go down the route of creating and recreating tactics from the past and experimenting more. I think the community now has some some really good bloggers and I enjoy reading there work whether it’s a long term save or short term experiment. Whatever I decide to do I will always be loyal to the FM series because I love playing the game.


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