A New Direction For thewideplaymaker.com #FM18 #wearethecommunity

IMG_20170819_001754FM18 is around 12 weeks away from release day and whilst I have been away on holiday I have been thinking about what direction this blog is going in, I have even considered not blogging about FM but after a few conversations with people in and around the FM scene I have decided to continue the blog but with more variation which includes a few friends from around the globe collaborating on a number of topics including FM experiments, creating tactics to emulate some of the great managers from past and present, storyline game saves and general FM topics. One of our new members has been an active member of the FM community for a number of years but would like to remain in the background and will be using a famous British footballing name for his work on thewideplaymaker.

Sampdoria_badgeOne of the story lines for a save will follow Gianluca Vialli back in to management after his fantastic TV work with Sky Italia, the former Italian forward will not suffer fools on his comeback in to management and may upset a few people on his return, Gianluca will no doubt want to take the reigns at Sampdoria at some point during his comeback, more about Luca and his return to come in the future. Mr Vialli will also feature in a new tactics section ‘Tactics With Luca’ which will be edited by one of my long time friends Gianluca Giordano who is a long time player of the CM / FM series and someone who will be a fantastic addition to not only my blog but the FM Community in general. Mr Giordano and myself have spent an incredible amount of time talking football since I fell in love with the Red and Black stripes of Milan back in the 80’s and it will be a pleasure to have him on board. I will also be calling on a couple of other tactical wizards to add to the tactics department the first his another friend this time from the USA and one if the nicest guys you could meet his name Saadiq Bey, I have watched Saadiq’s knowledge of the game grow and grow, he is a disciple of Marcelo Bielsa and understands the minds of Bielsa and his disciples as well as anyone, I love this guy like a brother and again it will be a pleasure to have him on board. The third member of my tactical wizards is a young lad from Sweden called Gustaf  (Little Bro) who is absorbing information on the tactical side of the game at a fare rate. I call him Saadiq’s apprentice I have witnessed them both interacting on a number of tactical topics and the young Swede is a fast learner and a good young man to go with it and another good friend, I am pretty sure there will be some analysis on Bielsa and his Lille team this season.

I will also be looking at producing some team guides and player guides over the duration of FM18. There will also be a few challenges along the way that the community can get involved in if they wish.

ParmaCalcio1913_logo-400x400Continuing with the Italian feel there will be a Parma Calcio save running for the duration of FM18 on the blog, The idea is that we will run the Parma save at a rate of one season completed over each calender month.  Parma have worked their way back up the pyramid and will start the 17-18 season in Serie B the 2nd tier of Italian Football.  The current president Nevio Scala was the the manager at the helm during Parma’s golden era, Scala took the club to the following honours during his time at the club:

  • Coppa Italia : 1991–92; Runner-up 1994–95
  • European Cup Winners’ Cup : 1992–93; Runner-up 1993–94
  • European Super Cup : 1993
  • UEFA Cup : 1994–95
  • Supercoppa Italiana: Runner-up 1992, 1995


We would very much like to see those glory years return to the Ennio Tardini and look forward to building Parma in to a force in Italy. Anybody who is old enough to have watched Channel 4’s Italian coverage in the 90’s will recall some of the fantastic players that Parma had in their ranks, if you can’t remember here is a list of some of those players: Gianluigi Buffon,  Fabio Cannavaro, Lillian Thurham, Antonio Benarrivo, Roberto Néstor Sensini,  Alberto Di Chiara, Tomas Brolin,  Dino Baggio, Hernán Crespo, Fernando Couto, Gianfranco Zola, Massimo Crippa and Faustino Asprilla forgive me if I have forgot anyone but the list is full of quality and drawing up that list has made me want to delve in to my collection of games and relive that great Parma era. Look out for my Parma team guide in the not too distant future.

Alfreton_Town_F.C._logoLower League management will also make an appearance for the first time on thewideplaymaker.com were we will be attempting to take a non league team who I have chosen to be Alfreton Town up the pyramid, again like the Parma save we will be looking to advance at a rate of 1 season per calendar month which will give us time to build the club over a good few seasons. Alfreton are in the Vanarama North Division and will need some clever wheeling and dealing to progress up the pyramid.

The Championship may also get a save dedicated to it depending on what we can confirm over the next few weeks, I would very much like to see a save up and running with a Championship club in FM18.

Nottingham_Forest_logo.svg   1424202894_fc-fulham Leeds_United_Logo    Wolverhampton_Wanderers.svg

So that’s the plan so far for FM18 which I am looking forward too, I will be updating the blog in the near future because I have also been inboxed by a few other people with some ideas and offers to come on board so until next time thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to drop by again soon.



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