Exeter City FC : Life After Tisdale #FM18

IMG_20171011_081027Welcome¬†to this unplanned post which I have put together after a few days of events in which I have totally changed my FM18 plans. It all started with an in depth conversation about the 4141 formation with my friend over the pond Saadiq Bey aka @Rovazzz who is a long time admirer of the 4141 formation which he used on FM16 to great effect. I also spoke to James aka @FMPressure another long time advocate of the formation and Cleon aka @Cleon81 (the king of FM analysis) who needs no introduction. Now myself I have never used the 4141 but after talking and reading cleon’s post on the Si Forums I have been more than convinced that it’s an avenue I am eager to explore. Secondly I was impressed with the news that FM18 released about the new scouting system and scouting packages that will have an impact on your budget making it more realistic. I was then involved in a discussion about the Football League which resulted in a colleague asking me which lower league managers that I rated? Without a second thought I said Paul Tisdale at Exeter City who has been at the Devonshire club for 11 years, why? Because season after season Tisdale has had to wheel and deal his way putting together a squad of players to compete whilst sticking to a controlled financial strategy.

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