El Príncipe Arrives At La Academia

Just-Diego-in-Racing-diego-milito-39264062-500-333Welcome home is painted on the edges of a large banner that as Racing Club de Avellaneda’s club badge on it to welcome the arrival of Racing’s new manager Diego Milito. This will be the former Racing Club’s forwards first shot at management and a large crowd of journalists have assembled at the club’s press conference to hear what the 38 year old Milito has to say. “Diego this must be a proud moment for you”? A nervous looking Milito takes a sip of water before answering, “yes I can’t express how pleased I am to have been given the chance at a club which has played a big part in my life and that is close to my heart, first of all I would like to thank the supporters of the club for welcoming me home and I would like nothing more to be able to bring some silverware to the club in return for this warm welcome, but first we have to build a solid foundation that will allow us to be competitive for years to come”.

“Do you feel an added pressure to deliver considering your past here at Racing”? “I am human I do feel pressure but pressure can be a good thing if channelled right, I have spoke to my brother Gabriel who is now managing in Chile with O’Higgins about the daily commitment of a manager today, I watched my brothers transition in to management from reserve manager at Independiente to first team manager at both Estudiantes and Independiente to his current job in Chile and have seen him grow in to the role of being a manager, suddenly you are on your own after being part of the team you are now giving them orders and trying to create a positive Dynamic”.

“There were rumours that you had offers from Europe, is this true”? “When I took my coaching badges I spent some time in Europe and yes there was an offer from one club but I had already been approached by Racing’s president Victor Blanco about this position and once I had an offer this was an opportunity that I could not refuse, I started my football career here in the youth team and to start my managerial career here is a dream come true”.  “I was linked with the job at Zaragoza but there was no contact between us”. “I was offered the job at Argentinos Juniors but once Racing came knocking it felt right”.

“Would you be interested in managing in Italy in the future”? “I don’t want to talk about that right now, I am manager of Racing Club and that’s my sole focus, who knows what the future holds its no surprise to anyone that I enjoyed my time in Italy at Inter and Genoa and working in football can throw up opportunities at any given time but like I said Racing is my priority”. “Look at Diego Simeone’s rise in management, he is now considered one of the best in the World, you just never know what’s around the corner”.

“We have been led to believe that you are an attack minded coach”. “Any manager worth their salt knows that you can’t go in to games having to score 3 or 4 goals to get 3 points, you need a good balance between defence and attack”.

Have you had chance to analyse the squads here in Avellaneda”. “I have been watching the Racing games from a distance for the last few months as a supporter of the club and believe the club with a little tweaking here and there can be competitive both domestically and in the continental competitions but I will have a chance to have a good look at the players this Friday when I get them all back together”. “There is a good blend of youthfulness and older heads in the squad which will help the dynamic I mentioned earlier”.

“What style of play can we expect to see from Racing this season”? “I have an idea on how we will play but the first thing that is important to me is getting the basics right and building a club D.N.A over time, if we are going to be successful here we need to be able to identify our strength and weakness and build from there, I want us to dominate games with or without the ball, imagine Simeone’s Madrid that is my vision, I think they are a real example to a club like ours”, I know that we will need to be flexible in our approach this season and have a plan B and plan C, it’s no good being one dimensional.

So the scene is set and with the full release less than thirty hours away my next post will be taking a look at the players who Milito will be guiding in hope of bringing success to Racing Club. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy FM18 over the next 12 months or so has you lead your own team to FM glory.



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