FM21 : The Boys From Budapest (Overview) Budapest Honvéd FC

On Wednesday 25th November 1953 one hundred and five thousand people watched a football match that would go on to be called The Match Of The Century. England beaten on home soil only once in 1949 against the Republic of Ireland lined up against the number 1 ranked team in the World and current Olympic Champions Hungary.

The Magical Magyars 🇭🇺

The Hungary national team was a team creation of the Deputy Sports Minister Gusztáv Sebes in an endeavour to further sporting excellence in communist Hungary. Innovations included a precursor to “Total Football” several years ahead of the Dutch and the introduction of a deep-lying centre-forward position, occupied by Nándor Hidegkuti. The Hungarians had seen the virtue of creating fitness regimes as well as a club-like policy at an international level to give impetus to innumerable practice sessions; in addition, most of their players played for the State-sponsored Army team Honvéd, which ensured that each member of the team was familiar with the style and strengths of each of his teammates.

The Hungarian team was unbeaten since May 1950, and had won the football gold medal at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki.

The British press referred to it as the “Match of the Century“—the originators of the game, against the finest team in the world at that time.


Seven of the starting XI played for Honvéd, Goalkeeper Gyula Grosics, Central Defender Gyula Lóránt, Defensive Midfielder József Bozsik, Right Winger László Budai, Forward Sándor Kocsis, Forward Ferenc Puskás and Zoltán Czibor.

The Hungarian team ran out 6-3 winners and when the England team travelled to Hungary the following year looking for revenge they suffered their worst defeat to date losing 7-1. 

“If we beat the English at Wembley, our names will be legendary,” said Sebes.

Football Manager 2021 

During lockdown back in March my go to reading material was centered around the great Magical Magyars Ferenc Puskás and Gusztáv Sebes leading me to think about  trying to create a golden team at Budapest Honvéd. Well running alongside my save with TSV 1860 München 🇩🇪 I will be starting my first ever save in Hungary with Budapest Honvéd FC. and I have set out some aims that should keep the save interesting even if I don’t achieve them all. 

I am impressed with the new release and enjoying the new features and definitely like the match engine which is running smooth.  When choosing the club to undertake this save I considered a few clubs one being Puskás Academy but if you know the history the great Ferenc Puskás does not have an history with the club who chose his name to use as a fitting memorial to the great Hungarian footballer when they formed the club in 2015. Budapest Honvéd was the only choice. 

So what are the aims of the save? 

  • To build over time one of the best youth development systems in the World ⚽️
  • Field a first team XI of players developed at the Kispesti akadémia 🤾‍♂️
  • Become the number one club in Hungary by winning back to back titles 🏆🏆
  • Remain The Number one club in Hungary by winning 60% of titles in 10 years 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
  • Become only the 2nd Hungarian club to win a European Competition after Ferencváros winners of the Inter Cities / Fairs Cup in 1965 🏆
  • To raise the current ranking (27th) of the Nemzeti Bajnokság I (Hungarian League) in to the top 10 🇭🇺
  • Have 7 of our players start an International match for Hungary 🇭🇺
  • Develop a future captain of Hungary (Ferenc Puskás was captain of the Magyars) 🇭🇺
  • Become manager of Hungary only after we have provided the captain of Hungary 🇭🇺
  • Lead Hungary to a major International Final 🇭🇺
  • Develop a Ballon D’or winner at the Kispesti akadémia 🏆 

Recruitment Policy 

Every half decent football club will look to build a scouting network capable of identifying young footballers who they deem good enough or have the potential to enter the development system with the long term goal of becoming a first team regular. We will build the scouting network over time prioritising the following :

  • Our first priority will be to scout within Hungary 🇭🇺 
  • Our second priority will be to scout the 7 countries bordering Hungary which are Austria 🇦🇹,  Slovenia 🇸🇮, Croatia 🇭🇷, Serbia 🇷🇸, Romania 🇷🇴,  Ukraine 🇺🇦 and Slovakia 🇸🇰 
  • Once we have scouts covering the above areas we will then start to scout further a field building up a network that gradually spreads across the globe 🌍
  • Our scouting network will focus on youth and players up to the age of 23 years old
  • We can sign any Hungarian born player with no age limit 

Financial Modelling 

In order to keep the clubs head above water I will be implementing a financial model that will enable us to work within the parameters set out by the clubs board. The club currently have no debt which is a major plus point giving me a clean slate from the off. I have always been pretty good at looking after club finances and I don’t expect that to change in this save. 

Tiki Taka Budapest 

My aim is to play a tiki taka style of football throughout the club. The boards vision is that we play entertaining football and use the clubs youth development system to produce players for the first team, which fits nicely in to my aims for the save. By playing the same system throughout our squads will give all our players familiarity within the system. 

Tiki Taka Budapest will not just be keep the ball for the sake of it we will look to have quality possession with the emphasis on the Vertical pass. To get the full benefits of playing this type of system we will be looking at developing technically gifted players at the akadémia. I am wanting to see some nice build up play leading to creating chances for the forwards. 

The Manager 🇳🇱

Michael Van Skidder will take the reigns at Honvéd.

Van Skidder

Van Skidder born in the Netherlands is a 40 year old who comes in to his first managerial role after working in the youth departments of Torquay United and TSV 1860 München and is now ready to test what he as learnt. The Dutch coach is an advocate for the football played by the Ajax sides of the 70’s under Rinus Michels, the Barcelona years under Johan Cruyff and more recently Josep Guardiola and the Milan of first Ariggo Sacchi and then Fabio Capello and the Athletic Club under Marcelo Bielsa. The Budapest Honvéd board believe that Van Skidder is the man to bring back the glory years of the 50’s which if you ask any Hungarian football fan it will be a difficult task especially on the European front taking on the giants of the game with a limited budget.

Whilst building Honvéd in to a champion is my main aim, I also want to raise the coefficient rankings of the Hungarian League which is currently ranked 27th in the rankings. My aim is to try and get the League ranking in to the top 10. To do this it means that not only our club have to perform in Europe but all the clubs who qualify from Hungary also have to do well in European Competition.

Through our development programme I will not only look to bring our youth in to the 1st team I will also look to sell or loan players from our development programme to other teams in Hungary in the hope that we can increase their performance in European Competition.

One of my aims during the save is to become the Hungarian national team manager however I have to have completed the aim of one of our development players to become captain of Hungary 🇭🇺 One of the other aims is to have 7 Budapest Honvéd players to be picked in the first XI of one of the National teams matches, this can only be ticked off as completed if we achieve it before I become the National team manager. (Obviously this can only happen if I am offered the job).

The Kits 

The Kits for the save have been designed by @SgtRedPhoenix, giving a modern twist whilst embracing the classic colours of the club.  The logo is designed by András Sütő

Both the above are excellent designers in their own right and I recommend you check their work out. 


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