The Academy : A Mist Rolling In From The Trent (FM20) Introduction


Welcome to the Introduction post for what I have decided will be my FM20 save, The Academy will be the name and focus for my save with the team I have supported for over 40 years, Nottingham Forest. I am going to manage both the 1st team and one of the youth teams in a hope that I can take the already successful Academy to the next level and make the pathway to the first team a smooth transition for our rising stars.

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Florence And The Goal Machine : (8.1) Helter Skelter (Part Two) 2025-2026


Welcome to Part Two of my 2025-2026 season review. I left off last time at the end of December with us in 5th position in the league, out of the Champions League at the group stage but in the Europa League and last but not least in the Semi Final of the Coppa Italia. Our form in my opinion was a bit patchy but what was about to happen simply had me stunned and the very reason why the sub title this season is Helter Skelter.

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