Florence And The Goal Machine : Catastrophic Failures (2.2) 19-20

IMG_20181217_073128Welcome back to the virtual World of Football Manager and my latest blog post about my save with ACF Fiorentina . My last post took us up to the end of January 2020 in my second season at the club with us sitting pretty at the top of the table after 22 games and most definitely looking like title contenders. Our system ‘The Iron Triangle’ was producing the goods then all of a sudden the wheels fell off.

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FM19 The Fred Pentland Challenge

IMG_20180819_153504Welcome, Friday 17th August 2018 and I am sat amongst friends talking football something that is very much the norm when we get together. The six of us always have some type of yearly football related competition for a small prize fund and this next year is no different except for the first time it will be related to Football Manager and will be called the FM19 Fred Pentland Challenge after we changed the name from The FM19 Super Six Challenge originally chosen solely because there is six of us in it, nothing brain storming, however once the draw was made to decide which team would be used we decided to name the challenge after one of the clubs managers. The prize pot for the winner like always will be a minimum of £1000 which is always nice to win but the bragging rights is by far the greater prize between us.

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