The Velvet Revolution (La Nazionale) Azzurri 1.0 (2024)


Welcome to my first blog post since my appointment to be the Italian National Team Manager. I will be running separate blog posts on The Azzurri to keep them separate from my posts about ACF Fiorentina. If you have read my last blog post you will already know that I turned down the England job to become manager of Italy and become the first foreign manager to manage the Italian National Team.

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Florence And The Goal Machine : (3.2) Standing In The Shadows Of Love 20-21


Welcome to my latest post tracking my managerial career in Italy with Fiorentina. We have come to the end of my third season in Florence and I have to say it’s been very enjoyable. I was determined to put last seasons disappointing end behind us and give the fans and the board something to cheer about. My last post took us up to the end of November with us sat nicely in 3rd place just 4 points behind Milan and Lazio after 15 games that consisted of 7 wins, 7 draws and just a single defeat on Matchday 15 away at Lazio.

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Florence And The Goal Machine : The Colour Purple (2.1) 19-20


Welcome to the 2nd post from our 2019-2020 season. A quick recap for anyone visiting this blog for the first time, I took over at Fiorentina in the summer of 2018 on an initial 1 year contract with the boards expectations of finishing in the top half of the table and my own expectation of European qualification. The Media prediction was that we would finish 7th. My initial thoughts was that I would work with the players already at the club during the first season before making any big changes to both the playing staff and the backroom staff.

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Innamorasi (to fall in love) Part One 1979-1980

IMG_20180907_131530Welcome, over the last week I have been looking back at my collection of Italian Football matches on Video and DVD which as brought back some of the best memories I have about growing up watching the Italian game. I have decided to tell my story of how It all begun and how It developed over the years. It all started one winter’s evening in 1979 at home with my parents after a day at junior school and game of football after school with my mates which was common practice if we had not got a game for the school team. We lived and breathed the game I supported Nottingham Forest whilst a few of my mates supported Liverpool another supported Manchester City and another Sheffield Wednesday plus a good few who supported Derby County, one of the older lads supported Everton but we all had one thing in common we loved Football. At that time my club Nottingham Forest and Liverpool were going head to head both domestically and in Europe which gave us chance to have plenty of banter.

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