Florence And The Goal Machine : (9.0) When The Going Gets Tough 2026-2027


Welcome back, its season nine in to the save and things in Florence are starting to change with Abdou Diakhate on his way to China at the end of August after agreeing a deal early in the summer, it feels like the save is coming to an end with the loss of my trusted warrior on the pitch but maybe that gives someone else the chance to step up and replace the Senegalese midfielder.

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Florence And The Goal Machine : (8.1) Helter Skelter (Part Two) 2025-2026


Welcome to Part Two of my 2025-2026 season review. I left off last time at the end of December with us in 5th position in the league, out of the Champions League at the group stage but in the Europa League and last but not least in the Semi Final of the Coppa Italia. Our form in my opinion was a bit patchy but what was about to happen simply had me stunned and the very reason why the sub title this season is Helter Skelter.

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Florence And The Goal Machine : (7.0) Campioni 2024-2025


Welcome to the latest ramblings from Florence where we have reached the end of our seventh season together. Going in to the season my priority was to try and bring home a second Scudetto after three consecutive 2nd place finishes. Making the decision to prioritise the League over the Champions League could be a costly one when it comes to the club finances but it is a decision that I was prepared to take and who knows we may even have a decent run in the Champions League.

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Florence And The Goal Machine (5.2) Always The Bridesmaid 2022-2023


Welcome to the latest from Florence where it has been quite a season with the winter World Cup taking place in Qatar which incidentally England won 1-0 against Denmark meaning that we had to have a pre-season break in December. My last save update took us up to that winter break with us in 5th place in the table 5 points off Juventus at the top of the table.

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Florence And The Goal Machine (5.0) The Ponte Vecchio 2022-2023


Welcome to the latest post from Florence, I can’t believe that we are now in our fifth season together in what I can only describe as a marriage made in heaven. I am really in to the save enjoying every minute of it. My last post was the first part of a player development series that is looking at how I develop players at ACF Fiorentina.

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Florence And The Goal Machine : One Man’s Rubbish Is Another Man’s Treasure : Part One


Welcome to my latest blog post, I thought it was about time that I put in to writing a post about how I develop players and have a look at how some of them are getting on. The title ‘The Young Violets’ is obviously taken from the clubs nickname The Viola (Purple) and also from the club that I have chosen to be our affiliate FK Austria Wien who have a B team in the Austrian 2nd tier called the Young Violets. I was lucky that the board gave me the opportunity to pick an affiliate and I thought FK Austria Wien would be an ideal club that we can send our players too to get game time at a good standard. In Part One I will give you a brief overview before showing you how its panning out after a few years at the club in Part Two.

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Florence And The Goal Machine (4.1) Dreamweaver 2021-2022


Welcome to the latest going’s on from Florence were we are now in to season four of the save and although I have really been in to the save from day one I am now feeling a lot of love for the digital World of Florence. Yes it’s that time within a save that you have developed a bond with a group of players that you can’t stop thinking about and to be totally honest I have struggled to get to this point over the last few years of FM but this Fiorentina save is different and I am totally absorbed in it.

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Florence And The Goal Machine (4.0) Who Are We 2021-2022


Welcome to the latest post of my FM19 save with Fiorentina. We are entering the fourth season on the back of winning the Scudetto after the clubs 52 year wait since winning the title back in 1969. The 2021-2022 season promises to be an interesting season with Pep Guardiola replacing Zinedine Zidane at Juventus, Jose Mourinho replacing Carlo Ancelotti at Napoli and Marcelo Bielsa already at Atalanta, the entertainment value is about to increase.

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Florence And The Goal Machine : Better To Be Second Than Thieves 18-19 (1.0)


Welcome to Florence And The Goal Machine my FM19 save with ACF Fiorentina. I have been waiting in anticipation for the release of the game after the announcement of the new features and now it’s finally here I can get stuck in to the game and start to build what I hope will be the strongest club in Italy but first I have to analyse who we have at the club in terms of staff and players and lay the foundations that will give the club a chance to shine over the next few years. Toppling Juventus and maintaining the level to achieve this over time will be my focus. I played a few games with the Viola on the Beta and was going to continue the save on but then decided to start a fresh with the full release with the Serie C bug corrected.

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Florence And The Goal Machine : Introduction FM19


Welcome  to Florence the Italian city that is the home to ACF Fiorentina S.p.A and the club who I will be starting my FM19 save with after the Fred Pentland Challenge is now going to start after Christmas due to the working commitments of two of the participants, so whilst I am waiting to start the challenge with Villarreal I thought that I would drop anchor in Tuscany and see what I can achieve with the Viola. The club were formed in 1926 and have won the Serie A title on two occasions 1956 and 1969 some 50 years ago this coming season. The club were the first Italian Club to play in the European Cup Final in 1957 losing 0-2 to Real Madrid. Fiorentina did have some European success though when they beat Glasgow Rangers over two legs to lift the European Cup Winners Cup in 1961. The club are commonly known as The Viola (Purple) after the colour of their home shirts. They play their home games in the Stadio Artemio Franchi with a capacity of 43,147. The club were deemed bankrupt back in 2001-2002 season before being reestablished in August of 2002. The club are now owned by Diego Della Valle and are looking to better times after the implementation of a sound financial strategy

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